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Many who walk through our doors will just see a a fun local delicatessan, smell our delicious baked goods, and browse our grocery store shelves. But, when we walk through the door we see a legacy, a dream of four generations, and a promise backed by our family's name and reputation. It's so much more than amazing bagels, giant pastrami sandwiches, and cinnamon rolls as big as your face.


When my Great x3 Grandparents came over on a boat from Odessa, Ukraine they had the clothes on their backs, a few dollars in their pockets, and a desire for something better for their kids. They worked themselves to the bone to make the American Dream come true. Our dream was to bring that dream back to life... and that's exactly what we did.


We chose Bryan, TX because the community supports one another, they believe that anything is possible, and they want to leave it better than they found it. This community understands legacy, traditions, and ednuring American spirit. We love that! Come visit us at 220 N Main St. in Historic Downtown Bryan.

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